Profane discusses skills and how players will acquire them in Twitter thread


It’s time for another Profane Twitter thread! No, not a thread of angry, expletive-filled postings on Twitter, but a Twitter thread from the devs of the MMO, which starts off with a quick skill animation preview and then discusses how skills are acquired in the game.

Discovering skills will be a large part of the experience in Profane, with given examples being elemental skills that are acquired through exploration of ruins or helping out NPCs of a certain faction and martial skills developing through use of a weapon over time. The thread promises many different skills can be found in various ways, but there will be a limit to how many skills can be equipped at once – somewhere between four and six active and passive skills.

Readers will recall that the devs at Insane Studio had written a thread about this sort of thing before. Regardless, the point stands that if you’re going to get skills in Profane, it sounds like you’re going to have to get out and explore.

source: Twitter
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