Project Gorgon adds horses and riding in this week’s early access update


Mounts have come to Project Gorgon in this week’s patch, Elder Game announced on its forums yesterday afternoon.

“In this update, you can learn to ride a horse,” the indie studio says. “This mount is useful for traveling and can also serve as extra storage. All the horses in this first version look and behave exactly the same. In the future there will be multiple breeds of horse that use the genetics system to allow a huge variety of mounts, but first we need your help testing the basics! We’ll continue to polish and improve the basic functionality for a few updates, and when things seem good, we’ll start introducing more mount types.”

Existing players will want to head over to Hogan’s Keep with 6000 councils in their pockets and an empty stable slot on call; players will be gifted a freebie set of horse gear, or they can craft their own. Likewise, backers whose packages included mounts and riding can redeem them now, although thoroughbred breeder tiers aren’t ready just yet.

Have a look through the rest of the patch; there’s more than just mounts, including a long list of UI, graphics, and animations tweaks, as well as new perks for VIP members. Project Gorgon, of course, is still an early access MMORPG, but it added a VIP subscription last year in the ramp up to its expected final release.

Source: Official site. Thanks, James!
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