ArcheAge banned almost 500 accounts this week for RMT activities


Kakao is clearly hoping to make ArcheAge synonymous with the term “banwave” instead of “exploit,” if the latest rounds of banhammer action are any indication. The studio announced yesterday that it’s banned another 489 accounts, most of them for buying gold, though 49 were for selling gold.

“This week, we focused on tracking the exploited gold that had already been sold,” Kakao writes. “As such, you will see that this resulted in a large number of gold buyers being tracked down, specifically on the evolution servers. Please note that we are aware that large amounts of gold are traded amongst players legitimately on a daily basis. Because of this, we took special care not to flag any transactions that may have been legitimate. While today‚Äôs banwave is one of the largest so far in terms of RMT buyers, it only includes players that directly received a large amount of gold, for nothing in return, from a dummy account that was solely used for gold selling. Additionally, we also manually tracked players that bought the gold on a dummy alt and then transferred the gold to their main account.”

The included FAQ reassures innocent players that there’s no set threshold for the amount of gold they can trade safely between accounts; the studio is looking at where the gold came from to make its judgments. And hey, if you do get banned, apparently the studio will give you a second chance: “A permanently banned player can create a new account and play legitimately on their new account.”

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