EverQuest II reopens time-traveling portals to celebrate its 23rd anniversary


What better way to celebrate an MMORPG’s past by actually reliving it? That’s the opportunity being granted to EverQuest II players once again as the Chronoportal Phenomenon event is coming back, running between today, March 3rd, until Wednesday, March 16th.

While the event itself is a returning one, with a number of things coming back such as related achievements, the Elements of Time collection, and quests, there are some new things for players on the live servers like a new quest for the event, a new solo and heroic dungeon, a solo and heroic version of Miragul’s Madness, and (naturally) new items to purchase from the Chronoportal merchant.

The event will also be running on special rules servers, though with a few differences to account for expansions that are yet to be unlocked. So why not absolutely rip apart the flow of time to celebrate an anniversary? We’re sure that will totally have no consequences to the cosmic order.

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