New World’s latest patch makes changes to Tuning Orbs and other general adjustments


Tuning Orbs in New World – aka the items you need to enter and play dungeons, for some reason – are being adjusted in the MMO’s newest patch. Specifically, Mutated Expedition Tuning Orbs can now be purchased every three days as intended instead of once a week, and Tuning Orbs for Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality can now be purchased once a day instead of every three days.

Incidentally, any Tuning Orbs that were bought before these adjustments won’t reflect these new cooldown timers, but future purchases will. Barring any bugs, of course.

Other features in this update apply fixes and adjustments to things like the glyph puzzle in Lazarus Instrumentality, input buffering, sword and void gauntlet skills, and war costs, among other things. The latest patch notes offer all the specifics.

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