New World bans over 500 players for duping and explains its luck system


New World is once more sweeping up the pieces of another broken update. Readers will recall that the game’s Heart of Madness update introduced another duplication bug, and now the consequences of players taking advantage of the bug is being felt with over 500 accounts getting smacked with a permanent ban. The devs have also removed some of the higher value items like eggs, trophy materials, and certain types of incense, while other duped items of lesser impact remain.

In other New World news, the devs posted a lengthy explanation of the game’s luck system, outlining the two types of luck in the game – gathering luck and global luck – and answering several frequent questions about how luck affects things like boss drops, PvP rewards, and legendary items. For those who have some assumptions about how the luck stat affects things in the game overall, it’s a worthwhile read.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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