Elder Scrolls Online’s server woes resurface while its anniversary event parties hard


Even as Elder Scrolls Online rolls out the red carpet for the MMO’s 8th birthday, server issues continue to plague the game. ZeniMax has been struggling to get on top of these problems ever since the last update arrived, and last night the studio had to take down the European megaserver for emergency maintenance for yet more technical speedbumps.

Happily, the issue was resolved, and the servers are back up and running. While it’s unclear if this is connected with last month’s problems, it’s certainly a slightly worrying sign to see such events continue.

That said, ESO’s anniversary jubilee is taking the sting out of any unexpected downtime with free buff-boosting cake, special quests, and tons of rewards for players to earn.

“Complete the Chef’s quest and you’ll receive this year’s delectable Jubilee Cake, which you can summon from the Tools section in your Collections menu. Each time you enjoy a slice of the tasty dessert during the Anniversary event, you’ll receive a 2-hour 100% XP boost!”

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