Atlas discusses improving solo player experiences, community mods, and ‘specialty realms’ in Q&A

Set sale for design issues.

While the pirating sandbox of Atlas is still apparently planning an end to early access by this year, there’s still lots to do and plenty of questions to answer from the players, which is the focus of a recent Q&A post. Obviously. It’s right there in the post’s title.

The answers in question feature some of the more granular items that one expects out of these things such as adding deck swivels to modular ships, changes to alliance bed placement, and plans for more developer livestreams.

In a more general sense, the devs talk about reworking live realm maps to make the outer areas more enticing to large groups while adding smaller islands tailored for giving solo players or smaller groups an enjoyable experience, promise to polish repetitive islands, and talk up the possibility of “specialty realms” that will run shorter seasons focused on a single game mode in order to maintain or grow its playerbase.

Another answer confirms that the dev team looks at community mods closely, noting that if a mod is widely used then it means that a feature of the base game needs to be addressed. These are just some of the highlights; there’s a few more tidbits in the Q&A post for those who are curious.

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