Lineage’s Throne and Liberty aims for a PlayStation 5 release on top of PC

I was told there would be thrones?

The next major chapter for the Lineage franchise won’t just be for PC gamers. NCsoft announced that Throne and Liberty will be coming to the PlayStation 5 as well. This is the first confirmation of a specific console for the title, as previously the studio was cagey about what platforms outside of PC it was developing.

Players might best know this game under various code names like Lineage Eternal and “Project TL.” The MMO has gone through several naming iterations over the very long build-up to the release. But a finish line may be in sight, as NCsoft promised the game by the end of the year and should have a more firm launch date in the near future.

The studio is positioning Throne and Liberty as a major “next-gen MMORPG” in the field. We got a huge look at the game, including details, screenshots, and videos back in March.

Source: Technosteria via Reddit
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