‘Throwback MMO’ Monsters & Memories builds test dungeon, shows off zone concept art


The team for the “throwback” MMORPG Monsters & Memories was hard at work on a wide variety of projects this past April, saying that much of it was foundational to what it wants to show off this month.

Some of the features being worked on include the resurrection system, foraging, concept art for various regions, the Tomb of the Last Wyrmsbane testing dungeon, and a way to kit out different races with looks and gear.

“The work has resulted in a modular system that allows us to build armor textures for all races quickly,” Niche Worlds Cult said. “It unlocks the ability for us to make cultural armor that can possibly be worn by other races, without us having to make that same armor for different body types.”

One area in which the team is being deliberately coy is the subject of the game’s story elements: “Once we get some bandwidth to focus on the website, we’ll get some basic background lore posted — but, we still think that a big part of the fun will be in playing the game and learning the lore for yourselves.”

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