Diablo Immortal explains why its Realm of Damnation shouldn’t be your summer vacation destination

Thanks. Really.

You would think that all of Diablo Immortal’s hellish world would be a saturated in damnation, but apparently there are gradiant tiers of awfulness in which you’ll be adventuring. The mobile ARPG, which is scheduled to launch on June 2nd, toured around the “personal hell of a demon lord” in a new dev diary.

In this region, players will tiptoe through the Forest of Misery, discover survivors in the Last Vestige, and finally face off against Skarn, Lord of Damnation. He’s a cute fella with lots of eyes and pointy bits.

“There is an impulse to limit hellish landscapes to one note, and there shouldn’t be a question whether you are in hell or not, but Diablo Immortal’s zone maps are large, and we really like having visual variation to keep your journey interesting and make it easier to remember locations and cool moments,” the devs said. “Skarn’s domain is bloated with activities, and you can expect the same kinds of wilderness gameplay present in Immortal’s other zones: lairs, bounties, events, quests, and plenty of loot.”

Source: Diablo
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