Blade and Soul’s New Empires update gets patch notes as it releases today


Like clockwork, Blade & Soul released its patch notes yesterday ahead of today’s New Empires update, just in case players are looking for some of the granular details of what’s arriving. Regular players of the MMO know how this works by now.

On a broader scale, this patch brings an interlude story quest where a new empress is crowned, opens up the new Hall of Trials dungeon, brings the Hoard and Gourd event back to the game, and adds a new weapon tier.

More specifically, the patch also switches content and rewards for daily and weekly missions, turns the Aerodrome and Substratum into heroic level dungeons, outlines the various rewards awaiting in the Hall of Trials, and details a new Soul Tier, a new pet aura, and a whole bunch of other accessory-related updates. The game went down for maintenance earlier today, so those who need all those detailed-filled tables will perhaps want to read up before hopping back in to the Earthen Realm.

Apparently it’s been a bit delayed, but patch notes are now up.

OK, looks like they need a few more hours now.

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