World of Warships adds French cruisers and anime girl paint jobs, maps out summer and fall updates


You know someone takes their World of Warships game seriously when they wrap their Tier VIII ship in a paint job inspired by battleships anthropomorphized into anime girls. This was part of the update made to the game last week, which brought more new camoflauges to several ships in the game’s continuing collaboration with the Azur Lane series of games and anime.

Of course, anime girls aren’t the only thing in the update, as some new French cruisers were added to the game, along with new Italian destroyers in the tech tree, the introduction of the Arms Race mode in co-op and random battles, and new seasons for both ranked battles and clan battles. Players can get the full details in the patch notes if they haven’t already.

Those following along with WoWS’s development will note that this latest patch effectively meets promised content for the spring in the game’s content roadmap. Players can look forward to some returning ships, newbie combat missions, some British battleships, and the separation of exterior bonuses and economic bonuses in the summer, while a new map, Japanese light cruisers, and events for Halloween and the game’s anniversary are expected in the fall.

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