Neverwinter makes lockboxes ‘transparent’ starting with June’s Dragon Cult box


By this point, players of what are now Gearbox’s MMOs are well aware that they’re loaded with lockboxes, a state implemented by Perfect World Entertainment years ago. With that in mind, the fact that a new one is arriving to Neverwinter in June would normally not qualify as newsworthy, but there is an important thing to note with this upcoming lockbox: It’s transparent.

The Dragon Cult lockbox, which is set to land to the game on Tuesday, June 14th, to PC and console players, will display the odds of getting what’s inside. The lockbox will also have a different UI as well as milestone rewards for those who open certain numbers of boxes. These adjustments will start with the Dragon Cult box and will apparently be the norm going forward, though previous lockboxes will still work the way they always have, including having a lack of transparency.

All told, if you are one of those players who buy Neverwinter lootboxes, next month will introduce some important adjustments. (But seriously, just don’t buy lockboxes.)

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