Iron Harvest 1920 teases single-player World Map mode, ships Kickstarter rewards


It’s been quite a while since we heard from co-op RTS Iron Harvest 1920. After the excellent Operation Eagle expansion, the team largely went dark, but developer King Art Games has at last emerged from hibernation with the promise of a major patch “in the next month or so.”

The flagship feature of this patch is the new World Map campaign mode. This is a campaign in the mechanical sense, not the story sense, and doesn’t appear to include any expansion of the game’s narrative. Instead, it provides a replayable multi-match struggle to dominate a large-scale map one territory at a time. Players of games like the Total War series will find it familiar.

This is a single-player game mode. One could hope that it may one day be expanded to include co-op as the story campaign was, but as of now this is pure speculation on our part.

In other news, the Iron Harvest team has also finally finished shipping out the last of its much-delayed physical Kickstarter rewards, much to the relief of many, we’re sure.

Source: Steam
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