RuneScape player creates an LED heart light to monitor his character’s health


No matter how much you love your MMORPG, there are always folks who love theirs even more. One Old School RuneScape player was so invested into the game that he decided to take the experience out into the real world.

Austin Blake, an OSRS player, posted a video showing off an incredible hack that he performed to create an LED heart that would accurately reflect the current health status of his in-game character. Both the creation of the heart and the formation of a plugin to tie into it is absolutely astounding and has to be seen to be believed.

“In this video I show the process of how I made a real life health bar for Old School Runescape. The HP display is made up of 312 Neopixel LED’s and is controlled by and Arduino which receives serial data from a Runelite plugin that I made,” he said.

Source: Hackaday
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