Nightingale strives to sell its realm-building card mechanic even while admitting the system isn’t finished


While we will show up for Nightingale’s Victorian steampunk aesthetic, the upcoming crafting survivalbox has to convince us to stay for its unique realm crafting mechanic that works through cards. Inflexion Games is tasked with explaining and selling this system to potential fans, which is in part why studio lead Aaryn Flynn has been making the interview rounds as of late.

One of these interview pit stops was with Polygon, where Flynn admitted that the system hasn’t fully gelled quite yet. “I think it’ll depend on how we ultimately balance it. It’s not intended that the realm card crafting itself is supposed to be to grind or anything like that,” he said.

And over at Digital Trends, Flynn said that the card system could be “very social” as teams of players mix-and-match cards to formulate a region together: “It encourages cooperative play and becomes the way we offer more agency to our players.”

Flynn did say that players can designate a home region — a “respite realm” — from which to launch adventures and come back for some good old fashioned base building.

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