New World’s latest patch boosts PvP arena rewards for the fourth time this month


It’s becoming a familiar refrain this summer: Amazon’s New World has yet another weekly patch out with more bonuses for PvP modes, specifically the beleaguered PvP arenas, in an obvious effort to tempt more players to engage with them.

The 1.5.5 update that launched early this morning boosted PvP experience and Azoth Salt rewards in PvP arenas depending on how many rounds are won. It also adds a new currency: “We added a new type of Gypsum only obtainable in PvP Arenas – Garnet Gypsum,” the brief patch notes say. “Players can earn up to 2 Garnet Gypsum per day. It takes one Garnet Gypsum to craft a Gypsum Orb.” The patch further fixes bugs with object interaction and lost storage items.

SteamCharts counts a peek concurrency this month of just over 22,000 players, down from a 900,000+ peak last fall.

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