Swords of Legends Online adds new hard-mode dungeons and starts a new PvP season with its latest patch


Why dungeons gotta be all difficult and [FECAL MATTER]? Why you gonna make me go through new hard modes of dungeons, Swords of Legends Online? Why you gotta make me fight through Three-Legged Sea and Wild Demon Isle in a harder mode just to get that sweet level 225 gear as drops? I thoughts we was friends, game. I thought we was cool. Now I gotta get all up ins these dungeons and fight a bunch of much harder enemies and earn my loot. Man, ain’t this about a [FEMALE DOG].

Aight, y’know what, I can be down. Y’all adding the New Moon PvP season with this patch too, right? Get New Moon Seals and trade them for gear and cosmetics and all that [FECAL MATTER]. That’s cool, we tight. New dynamic events on the Realm of Light map? No doubt, no doubt. We can work with all this, you good, dawg, you good. For real, though, why dungeons gotta be so hard though? Why you gotta play it like that? What is the deal?

Source: Steam
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