Ship of Heroes will have another player housing test on July 22 with ‘radically improved’ feature updates


Ship of Heroes continues to be all-in on its player housing. Ahead of the game’s next player housing beta test, which is planned for Friday, July 22nd, the team at Heroic Games offered a look at housing updates, which are being called “radically improved” from the housing beta that went down in May.

The updates made to player housing will likely have the decorative superheroes out there drooling: Players will be able to work from a blank slate, placing squares to make a custom floorplan; housing editing can be done without your character standing in the way; the housing UI has been cleaned up significantly; interior walls can be placed, resized, and retextured as you see fit; and (naturally) there will be more furnishings on offer, along with the promise of increased furnishing limits.

As mentioned before, the next housing beta is currently scheduled for July 22nd, and will likely run longer than the May housing beta. In the meantime, players can fill out some opinion polls about housing, there’s a gallery of images and a video to check out below, and we also direct you to MJ’s livestream of the previous housing beta.

sources: press release, official site
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