V Rising adds scheduled server wipes with its newest patch

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Do you dread stagnancy in V Rising? Some people really like having huge, elaborate survivalbox builds that never go anywhere, but some players really prefer having the game regularly start over so that everyone can try something new and the experience stays dynamic. It is for those players that the game’s latest patch adds a new demanded feature in the form of scheduled server wipes, allowing you to set a specific date and time for everything to get reset back to zero.

Lest you worry that this feature will become mandatory and you’ll lose all your vampin’ time involuntarily, server wipes are wholly optional and will be available only to servers created after the patch has been applied. Existing servers will not have scheduled wipes, although new official servers are on the way with scheduled wipes. The server list itself has also been slightly improved by adding better filters, changing the “Days Played” display for servers to “Days Running” and counting real-time days of operation, and prioritizing servers with players. Check out the full patch notes for a complete rundown.

Source: Steam
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