WoW Classic promises character transfers from Season of Mastery to Wrath Classic


It’s no secret that the WoW Classic team has been more invested in the fresh start Season of Mastery ruleset servers than Burning Crusade Classic over the past year, with far more attention being given to the hardcore crowd steaming through the content. But the pressing question of what to do with those player characters once the season ends demanded a response, and a response Blizzard gave.

The studio acknowledged “a strong desire” for players to be able to transfer their characters forward into Wrath Classic when it arrives. The good news is that this will happen some time after Naxxramas releases on Season of Mastery servers.

“We are excited to let everyone know that there will be a way for Season of Mastery characters to transfer to either Classic Era or Wrath of the Lich King Classic for free when the current season begins to wind down,” Blizzard said.

The studio did not say if the transfers would be free or require a payment to activate.

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