New World deep-dives the Summer Medleyfaire and Barnacles & Black Powder expedition


New World’s latest developer video is out as of this afternoon, and while it’s a bit lighter than some, it’s plenty long all the same.

The first third of the vlog highlights the company’s planned events for the summer, including Amazon’s appearance at TwitchCon Amsterdam later this month and the in-game Summer Medleyfaire, which according to the devs is a celebration of music, eating, and killin’ all the fishies. The music system actually looks really fun and will certainly please fans of similar social content in other MMORPGs.

Amazon also offers a segment on the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, complete with in-game footage. It looks like a glorious clusterfudge as players engage with new mechanics, new boss fights, and cannon play. Incidentally, join me in wishing virtual hugs upon New World Community Coordinator Tina Degenhart, who speaks for all of us when she accidentally called an expedition a dungeon. (Which it is.)

Most of the content discussed is currently on the PTS; the video is below.

Source: Official site, press release
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