NFT MMO ArcheWorld plans testing of an AlphaPass and opens an ad sharing contest in Asian regions


We’re once again reporting on ArcheWorld, the NFT-filled version of ArcheAge that was first announced in February 2022. The last report we did on this “game” focused on the opening of a website, which heralded a pre-registration event and talked about release phases that were primarily about NFT launches over anything playable; since that reporting, the website’s original URL has since been moved.

A quick check-in shows that the NFT layering has not abated since then: The game is prepping for an ArchePass test, which is set to begin sometime in August in the Asian region. To even get into this test, interested players had between June 27th and July 11th to leap through a whole bunch of hoops to get the chance at an AlphaPass NFT that grants access to the test, or they had to own an ArcheWorld NFT to be handed their AlphaPass NFT.

As for what this test will do, those who own the associated NFT, redeem it to make a test account, and complete objectives during the test will be granted Blue Salt tokens that can be used when the game releases.

Meanwhile, the game is also trying to spool up hype among followers in Asian territories with an ad sharing contest: Those who take a picture of an ArcheWorld ad and share it on social media will be entered for a chance to get in-game goods or tBORA tokens. It’s important to note that this contest is open to those who are already thoroughly ingrained into ArcheWorld’s ecosystem, including having an associated wallet, being part of specific Discords, and followers of certain Twitter accounts.

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