Sea of Thieves introduces boat ownership, quality-of-life features, and captaincy in its Season Seven launch


While sailing a ship in the Sea of Thieves always felt like a personal matter owing to the amount of customization players would apply to their vessels, it never really was a matter of ownership, as starting a new session would always see players re-selecting their chosen boat type and re-applying their wanted cosmetics. That all changes starting today with the launch of Season Seven, which brings the tentpole feature of captaincy and ship ownership, along with several other tangential benefits.

The player journey to captain begins with the purchase of any one type of ship the game offers with in-game gold, unlocking the ability to name the ship, saving customizations in a loadout, decorating the captain’s cabin, and gaining access to new progression in the form of Milestones. Captains also gain access to new quality-of-life features such as NPCs at outposts that can repair damage or restock supplies, as well as access to the Sovereigns faction that lets players sell all of their booty for all of the existing factions at one central spot.

On top of captaincy features, the update is also launching another seasonal pass full of rewards, adding more cosmetics to its Pirate Emporium cash shop, and hinting at the arrival of the game’s next new adventure. Full patch notes are available here while a deep-dive video awaits below the break.

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