New World applies bug fixes for Medleyfaire, instruments, and its latest expedition


New World’s new patch is full of new fixes to newly added content, as well as some older content, which in turns makes that old content feel like new content. New new new new.

The larger chunk of updates are related to the Summer Medleyfaire event and the musical instruments it brought along, such as a fix for players getting stuck if they crashed mid-performance, an improved leveling curve for instruments, the return of a sound effect for dispersing Maudlinbug swarms, and bug squashes related to Medleyfaire town projects and the wind sock furnishing item.

As for the rest of the patch, there are additional bug fixes for specific items, weapon projectiles disappearing in certain instances, and an invincibility bug related to the Nereid’s Rend debuff in the recently added Barnacles and Black Powder expedition. That dungeon will also see light armor drops fall within the encounter’s intended item level range.

For more about New World’s most recent content update, make sure to check out our Vitae Aeternum column’s impressions piece, as well as this look at melee and ranged builds for solo players.

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