Derek Smart promises Alganon is returning in the coming months, but in a staggered invite-only release


Just yesterday we reported on fresh news out of the long-dormant Alganon, pointing out that the game’s website came back online, while the game’s owner Derek Smart confirmed it as a first step in the game’s return – one that he has promised before. That promise is reiterated once again in a new Steam dev blog, only this time with the vague formation of a release plan.

According to Smart, the game’s public return will be happening in the coming months, but initially through a staggered release, starting with an invite-only process that will go through “various stages” until the full release can go live. Prior to this staggered launch, Smart will be recruiting experienced players to be in-game GMs to help new players get comfortable with the MMO.

Once more, specific timing for this invite-only return isn’t outlined. In the meanwhile, Smart once again points to the reopened website’s ability for legacy players to check their stats, repeats that there will be a server wipe, and welcomes people back to the game.

source: Steam
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