Wizard101 explains its massive gear rework that’s been a year in the making


Wizard101 players are teetering on the edge of anticipation and dread as the MMORPG grows ever closer to a massive gear rework that’s been in development for over a year. To ease troubled minds, KingsIsle posted a lengthy dev blog to walk players through the audit.

The studio said that its main goals for the rework were to create a template system, allow for a balance between old and new gear, to “reinforce school identity,” and allow more flexibility to those who invest in a dual school build.

“One of the most difficult tasks of this gear rework was finding the right balance between existing gear and new gear,” the studio said. “If the new gear is worse than existing gear, then players won’t care about any new gear we add. If the new gear is strictly better than existing gear, then that would make all our existing dungeons and combats irrelevant. We want players to desire the new gear, but not because it’s simply better than all existing gear.”

No date was given for the rework, although it sounds as if it may be rolled out piecemeal over several months.

Source: Wizard101
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