V Rising’s latest patch finally lets players move the castle heart more easily


Designing an MMO house can be a finicky beast. You set up a room or a section of your claim, place down furnishings, and then find later that the layout of everything is wrong and you need to start ripping things apart to re-arrange them. This is very likely a problem players of V Rising have experienced, and most of the time furnishings can be easily moved, except for one: the castle heart, which powers the entirety of a player’s home. Thankfully, a recent hotfix changes all of that.

Yes, at long last, the castle heart can be more easily moved around without the requirement of dismantling a section of floor to begin with and basically working like every other workstation and furnishing item in the game does. The hotfix additionally fixes a couple of bugs related to territory and building alongside cliffs, and stops players from dismantling explosive boxes, effectively closing an exploit that let players dismantle these bombs as they were lit and return them to their inventories while the explosion still went off.

Nothing in this hotfix translates to any actual content, necessarily – a problem that a recent Choose My Adventure column pointed out – but at least rearranging the castle is less of a pain in the neck.

source: Steam
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