Lord of the Rings Online begins testing new class/race combos and major Minstrel rework


The next Lord of the Rings Online update may sound like music to players’ ears — or it may be a discordant jangle. That’s because Standing Stone Games announced today that it’s ushering in a huge bevy of changes for the Minstrel class that includes nixing one of its specializations.

The first round of testing for Update 33.2 is on the Bullroarer server from now through Thursday with the nine additional class/race combos, a ton of monster play adjustments, and a change to the legendary item reward track curve.

But it’s the sweeping Minstrel changes that come as the biggest shock. The studio said that it’s removing the class’ yellow line (Protector of Song) as a specialization and turning it into a passive tree instead. This is similar to how SSG handles the Brawler trees.

“You’ll still be able to specialize in the other two trait trees, and the yellow tree isn’t going anywhere! While you won’t be able to choose yellow as your specialization, it is still full of exciting stuff. For most players, this means you’ll be able to access unique skills like Song of Aid and Call to Greatness while specializing in either ‘The Watcher of Resolve’ or ‘The Warrior-Skald’ trait lines,” the studio explained.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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