Hell is Others is a top-down online multiplayer survival horror shooter launching October 20

It's also a mood


What if you lived in a city that was full of shadowy monsters and you had to roam into its streets every night to collect blood for your bonsai tree? That’s the truncated (and totally accurate) setup for Hell is Others, a pixel graphics online multiplayer shooter that sees players trying to scavenge for blood and make it back to their tiny apartment.

“In Hell is Others, play as Adam Smithson as he does his best to exist in his tiny apartment, alone, high above Century City. His only companion is a bonsai tree, which he dutifully cares for. But like everything else in the city, his plant requires blood to survive. So Adam is forced to find a regular supply on the dark streets below. Players descend into the city to explore for resources and accomplish missions while trying to survive the night.”

Hell is Others offers both PvP and PvE gameplay, while progression is linked to customization of Adam’s apartment, where players can feed harvested blood to their plants to craft unique ammo and add items to their apartment that confer perks. Gameplay, meanwhile, focuses primarily around top-down shooting and getting back to the apartment before time runs out.

The game is set to launch on Thursday, October 20th, while closed beta testing is planned for September 2nd. Interested fans can check the Steam page for more information and to sign up for the playtest, while a gameplay video awaits below.

source: press release
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