Albion Online announces upcoming language support for Italian and Japanese players


Players of Albion Online whose mother tongue is either Italian or Japanese are waking up to some good news. The devs at Sandbox Interactive are proudly announcing expanded support for these two languages is coming soon, both in-game and out of game.

When this update goes live, players with new or existing characters will be able to log in and play the game entirely in these two languages. Additionally, there will be language-specific in-game chat channels and dedicated subforums. The game’s website and patch notes will also be updated to support both languages.

“With this expansion, we hope to encourage even more players to enter the world of Albion, as well as bringing an improved gaming experience for our existing Japanese- and Italian-speaking players,” the announcement crows. “We can’t wait to see Albion become an even more vibrant world with this development.”

Timing for this language expansion hasn’t been nailed down, but interested players are being asked to stay tuned for more details.

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