Path of Exile outlines changes coming to Archnemesis foes, minions, and Kalandra league


Path of Exile is once again laying out another series of adjustment plans as Grinding Gear Games continues to turn the dials on several of the ARPG’s features based on player feedback. These adjustments include a limit to the number of Archnemesis mods that can spawn on certain rare monsters, updates for the Kalandra league including a feature that lets players see already completed rooms, a buff for tainted currency, and some minion-specific tweaks to improve their survivability and the damage they receive from certain enemies.

The post also says that GGG is monitoring several matters, like the need to swap items or hire a magic find culler against specific four-mod Archnemesis monsters and the ongoing complaints with loot drops. The announcement then closes with a promise that more adjustments will be coming.

There are more tweaks outlined in the post for those who want to read up on more.

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