Elite Dangerous’ plans for console to PC transfer are still on track while the ‘Thargoid death star’ increases speed


This week’s Discovery Scanner digest from Elite: Dangerous has some potentially good news for console players looking to move to the PC version. Testing of the portal that lets these transfers happen, which readers will recall was outlined last week, are reportedly going well, meaning that the console copy process should indeed be ready this month. The digest assures players that finalized dates will be shared soon. The post also promises more information about the 4.0 codebase for PC players of Horizons and Odyssey soon.

Meanwhile in some more worrying in-universe developments, the “Thargoid death star” that players spotted is now apparently speeding up. Galnet News Digest reports that a projected time of arrival of the anomaly to a system was surpassed by seven hours, representing a significant increase in its travel speed. Additionally, the star is leaving destroyed ships in its wake. The game’s official Galnet site also reports that attempts to scan the flare with a full spectrum scanner are yielding unexpected results, with scans returning no definitive target but a faint background noise that “feels off.”

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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