Swords of Legends Online kicks off the Moon Festival and adds a new extreme mode

I say again: MOOJ

Ready to take on a harder version of the fights in the Realm of Hallucinations? The latest patch notes for Swords of Legends Online have stated that a new extreme-difficulty version of that content is coming to the game starting on Sunday, September 11th. The fight will challenge between 10-20 players to take on its various mechanics, with Renxia Jade tokens available for victory. Good news for anyone looking for a bigger challenge with the game’s current content.

If you are instead looking for an excuse to stare at the moon, the patch has that with the arrival of the Moon Festival, with players buying wares from Chang Rong to celebrate the event and taking in a beautiful night sky in the evening. Check out the full patch notes for all the details, although you’ll have to wait a little while longer if you’re looking to test your skills against more deadly opponents. Just a couple of days, that’s not so bad.

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