Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gets new monsters, layered weapons, and more weekly quests September 29


In case you’re not familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise’s roster of critters, the beast known as Mizutsune normally attacks with jets of water and bubbles that cause characters to get slippery. The devs of Monster Hunter Rise thought, “What if bubbles but explosive?” Enter the video reveal of Free Title Update 2 for the Sunbreak expansion and the new variant monster: Violet Mizutsune.

As that lede suggests, this new version of Mizu charges up its bubbles with explosions and is just overall explosive itself. This new fight will be joined by the equally spicy Flaming Espinas and Risen Chameleos variants, both with their own distinct surprises to their usual movesets. On top of that, there will be new monsters added to Anomaly Research quests, and Anomaly Investigations can now reach level 120. Even more hunts are on hand when additional weekly quests arrive that will award players unique cosmetics.

Speaking of cosmetics, the new update will introduce the ability for players to dress up their desired weapon in the skins of existing weapons thanks to the addition of layered weapons, which appear to work similarly to the way layered armor does in the game now. This system incidentally means new layered weapon DLC will become available, along with new cosmetics, emotes, stickers, and voice packs. It’s all set to arrive to players on Thursday, September 29th.

source: YouTube
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