Lost Ark’s Arktoberfest applies beer directly to your head

That's not a euphemism


OK, don’t panic because it’s not actually October yet, but Lost Ark is getting a jump on the season with the opening of Arktoberfest today. Does it make sense? I mean no, not really. Are we mad about it? Also no!

“As the nights grow longer and the summer pool parties draw to an end, the fall season of festivals celebrating community and kinship begins. Beginning on September 16, Arkesia will host the first Arktoberfest – a tribute to Oktoberfest, the world’s largest Volksfest (people’s festival) which features a traveling funfair along with a food and beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany. Kindred in spirit to the original, Arktoberfest is a time to build relationships, celebrate with friends old and new alike, all through the medium of an abundance of delicious food and drink. In the coming weeks, you’ll find themed festival foods in-game and all-new cosmetics available as Twitch Drops to help you, your raiding parties, and your Lost Ark communities celebrate Arktoberfest together.”

Some of those cosmetics include hats that literally look like you’re wearing a mug of brew on your head, so yeah, you need that. There’s also sausage, pretzels, gingerbread, questlines (“The Beer Snack to End All Beer Snacks”), and a whole reward track for logging in during the event. Clear your schedule!

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