EverQuest II kicks off Secrets of the Sands, the prelude to its unnamed expansion


While the title of EverQuest II’s upcoming 2022 expansion is still under wraps, players can start heading it its direction thanks to a new prelude event that began this week.

The prelude, which is called Secrets of the Sands, is available to characters of any levels on the regular servers. Daybreak said that players will receive a call to action: “Faezoth in Qeynos and Silrena in Freeport seek your help in assisting the aerakyn in their plight to return home.”

Daybreak said that this prelude is packed full of content including a new zone called The Fractured Cache, adventure quests, tradeskill quests, and a collection quest. There are also 64 new housing decor items and pets that players can attain through the event.

The Secrets of the Sands will continue until EverQuest II releases its upcoming expansion, which currently does not have an announced release date but is expected later this year.

Source: EverQuest II
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