Lord of the Rings Online devs discuss PvMP, Minstrel, and starter experience changes


The Lord of the Rings Online team has been unusually chatty as the MMO heads toward its upcoming Update 33.2 release. Lead Systems Designer Orion warned players that there were “large” changes coming for PvMP in future patches, including a reduction of NPCs in the Ettenmoors, monster player clans, and possible monster player missions. He also teased upgraded Troll and Ranger play sessions.

More words were said regarding the controversial (and confusing) Minstrel rework coming with 33.2. OnnMacMahal wrote two lengthy posts answering community questions on specific skills and roles. One of these addressed the community’s argument that SSG was ruining two Minstrel stances to boost a third: “There’s no destroying going on here. Blue Minstrels ought to be stronger than before, and Red Minstrels will be considerably stronger.”

And Orion addressed comments made at plans to clean up the early leveling experience, saying, “This is not to say that the experience is awful. It’s just either a) overwhelming to a new player or b) seemingly like a slog to a new player depending on where you start.”

Source: LOTRO, 2, 3
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