Black Desert’s Heidel Ball unveils gameplay adjustments, new Atoraxxian dungeon, and the mysterious Magnus


This past weekend saw Black Desert showcase what’s coming to the MMORPG in its Heidel Ball presentation, and fans got a whole lot to look forward to, including some new content and a whole lineup of adjustments to existing content.

Starting with new content, one of the main announcements is the mysterious Abyss One: The Magnus, some form of extra-dimensional hub “connected to an Abyss unbound by time and space” and “a starting point for a new adventure […] in The Magnus world.” Clearing the content will award a new Rabam skill, one piece of PEN boss gear, and the ability to move storage items from one place to the other. It’s all set to arrive on Wednesday, October 12th, for PC players.

Next up, there will be a new Atoraxxian dungeon known as Yolunakea. This new dungeon was described as being similar in difficulty to Sycrakea but with new mechanics to overcome such as a final boss that respawns and gets stronger every time.

Finally, a new region is arriving known as the Land of the Morning Light, a location that’s greatly inspired by Korean folklore. Once again, information is sparse here, but Pearl Abyss expects to have this new region open by spring 2023.

The vast majority of the Heidel Ball reveals were otherwise related to existing content updates:

  • Classes are going to be seeing skill adjustments as well as a new set of Rabam skills that can be used anywhere.
  • Class balance patches are promised to be arriving faster.
  • Elvia realms will be opened without moving to an Elvia server.
  • Existing monster zones like Calpheon Elvia will be adjusted to make them more appealing.
  • Guild and field bosses are going to be updated.
  • Finally, the old rules for Node War will come back in order to limit larger guilds dominating the activity and prevent “snipe guilds.”

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