Pixel-art labyrinth-delving MMO Mythic makes its full launch


For MMORPG fans who want a blast from the past out of a new game, you might be interested to know about Mythic. Or perhaps you already know about this one, as we’ve been covering the title starting in June, all the way to its confirmed full release that was initially delayed.

We circle back around once again to remind fans that Mythic has fully released on Steam after a two year-long development journey. The launch announcement lists early Zelda games and Realm of the Mad God as inspirations and touts its variety of features like challenging combat, a procedurally generated labyrinth, and lots of discovery awaiting players.

The two-person dev team of Abyssal Studios thanked players for their support during Mythic’s early access and promised that they will begin collecting known issue reports and are asking players to either leave a post about found problems on Steam or in its Discord.

sources: press release, Steam
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