Trove’s newest PC update revamps the Boomeranger class


PC-playing fans of Trove’s Boomeranger class are waking up to something new as the game’s latest update has brought on a revamp for the class, with a new passive, changes to its attacks, and new effects for its ultimate ability.

The revamping starts with updates to the Boomeranger’s standard attacks that change depending on whether it swings a melee weapon or fires a bow. The class also gets a new passive that summons a fairy companion that will heal and grant damage reduction for a short time when the character is at very low health. Finally, the Mysterious Urn ultimate ability will not only cause an area of damage where thrown, but also award a random bonus.

The new patch also makes a few tweaks to the starting experience such as clearer pathing for earlier quests and NPCs that have been enlarged to make them easier to pick out from the player crowd, updates to chaos crafting, new dungeons, new styles, and more. All of the features for the patch are outlined in the latest patch notes.

sources: press release, official site
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