Ship of Heroes ‘doubles’ costume pieces and enhances its character creator


It’s been a while since we heard a super-peep from Ship of Heroes, as the project’s been relatively quiet since its housing beta this past July. Happily, the superhero MMO did resurface to deliver a quick report to fans for October, with Heroic Games noting that its team is working on polishing up several different areas in preparation for the still-undated launch.

These areas of polish include doubling the available costume pieces in the game, improving the animations, a revamped keybinding system, better-looking NPCs, and an “enhanced” character creator designed to be more newbie-friendly.

“We have been steadily building missions,” continued the team. “We are not ready to lift the cover just yet, but we can share that there will be missions off as well as on the ship at launch, on other ships and on planets. We are setting up some fun combat situations rarely seen in other MMOs.”

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