Odin Valhalla Rising dev Lionheart Studio unveils its plans for additional MMO projects


Remember Odin: Valhalla Rising? If the game’s title didn’t already clue you in, it’s an upcoming Nordic myth-themed MMORPG from developer Lionheart Studio and publisher Kakao Games for PC and mobile, promising a world of humans, demons, and gods at war. The game launched in South Korea in June 2021, but while its official site is translated to English, there are still no dates for its arrival to the west.

Regrettably, this story isn’t about any western launch for the MMORPG, or even anything related to the game at all; it’s instead about Lionheart’s listing on the Korean KOSDAQ stock exchange, which came along with word of additional games the studio is working on. And before you ask, yes they’re all project titles with letters attached:

  • Project C is a “collectible game” from the Odin: Valhalla IP with a more cartoon-y graphics style. It’s headed to South Korea in the second half of 2023.
  • Project S is described as a PC and console looter shooter with cross-platform play that promises RPG elements, story quests, co-op modes, and PvP, all in a completely new setting and IP.
  • Finally, Project Q is an isometric “seamless” open-world MMORPG that focuses on large scale battles. This one will also be in its own unique setting.

As for Odin, the latest news out of that is a video preview of the Muspelheim area from January. Otherwise, things have been quiet on that front.

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