Lineage II gets new hero’s tome, Aden gets the Crusader, Classic gets more Crusader stuff October 19

Cool, great, grand.

Three patches, three editions of Lineage II, one date: Wednesday, October 19th. That’s when players can expect new content for standard, Aden, and Classic.

The base game gets a new hero’s historical tome item added that confers new skills and bonuses for completing tasks, along with a new Cursed Village location that player killers can get banished to and improvements to hunting zones.

In Aden, the Crusader transformation for the Heirophant will be the headlining feature, on top of the Garden of Eva dimensional zone, new bosses, the Valakurm Temple raid, and an Underground Labyrinth zone that player killers can be tossed in to.

Finally, Classic’s Crusader is getting six different armors of protection, while players will also be able to augment certain accessories and items, chase new collections, and enjoy some new hunting zone improvements.

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