Zenith adds pets and creature catching in November, promises Cyberninja class and player housing soon


Zenith has primarily been kicking out minor updates for the past three months, with its last major update launching in June. That looks to change next month, as the VR MMORPG is preparing its next major content patch 1.2, otherwise known as Legends Untold.

One of the tentpole features of patch 1.2 will be the ability to catch creatures in the wild and summon pets to your side – and yes, you will be able to pet your companion. There will also be a new introductory quest line called The Academy that promises lots of new characters and story beats, followed by a new party-centric early game dungeon.

Other portions of patch 1.2 include another new instance in the form of the Tome Keeper dungeon, new agent ranks that can be earned through daily and weekly challenges that award gold and XP, and new side activities like chess, a handheld streamer camera for desktop players, and new VFX and graphical updates for desktop players as well.

Finally, the new update will address several long-standing player issues like voice chat bugs, problems with godstone abilities, and better ways to make Zen. Update 1.2 is set for the end of November, but fans can join in on an alpha test that’s available now provided they don’t mind joining a Discord. Instructions are waiting in the announcement post.

All of these new features are very likely of interest to players of Zenith, but there is one more piece of news that they might want to see: Ramen VR has put together a new roadmap that outlines what’s planned for patch 1.3, which include the arrival of the Cyberninja class and player housing. The operative word here is “planned,” however, as the first card in the 1.3 roadmap notes internal discussions on what to add in this next major content update are still occurring.

sources: press release, official site, Trello
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