Zenith releases its dungeon-filled Celestial Throne update today – here are the patch notes


Today is the day when VR MMO Zenith unleashes its big Celestial Throne content update, which is being billed by the devs at RamenVR as the game’s largest patch yet. As an illustration of just how big this update is, the game put out its patch notes earlier this week, highlighting the various new content updates and adjustments that are being applied.

The tentpole feature for the Celestial Throne patch is the addition of six party instances – three dungeons and three raids – all of which can be entered through a newly added matchmaking system. On the subject of matchmaking, the update also adds a roulette system that selects one of these encounters at random and offers additional rewards, and there will also be daily and weekly rewards for clearing instanced content on top of regular rewards like gear, weapons, and endgame currency.

A variety of other updates are being made to Zenith this patch as well, including a nerfing of the tank spec for Essence Mage, a removal of a gliding glitch (but with faster glide speed and slowed stamina drain as a tradeoff), “dozens of hours” of new quest content, and a host of bug fixes and quality-of-life adjustments. The patch is set to go live at 1:00 p.m. EDT, but there are some beefy patch notes to peruse before then.

It’s live!

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