AdventureQuest 3D was temporarily de-listed from app stores because of… Elvira’s breasts, apparently


No, that headline isn’t sensationalist; it’s the honest to goodness truth. Fans of AdventureQuest 3D on mobile might have been surprised at the MMORPG’s de-listing from app stores, but developer Artix Entertainment has an explanation: Elvira, the infamous Mistress of the Dark and special host of the game’s 20th anniversary event, has boobs.

“Apparently our AdventureQuest 3D’s special guest image was a little too spicy for the app store,” laughs the announcement. “The app was temporarily unlisted until our new store images are approved. We sent them in this morning, cross your fingers for a speedy reinstatement.”

It should be noted that this de-listing didn’t affect anyone who already has the mobile version installed; the game wasn’t taken down and players were still able to connect, so this just prevented new players from downloading the app. At the time of this writing, the Google Play store still has the MMORPG de-listed, while the Apple App Store has it back online, with the event announcement image hilariously shifted a little bit to the right. Because cleavage is dangerous, you guys.

It’s back!

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