Embers Adrift promises changes to its questing and challenge level in reaction to player feedback


With the launch month of October in the rearview mirror of Embers Adrift, the devs are now taking stock of the month that was as well as some general plans of what will be done to update the MMORPG going forward, and those plans sound like they’re primarily on the balance side of things.

The post confirms that the focus for updates in the immediate future will be on pivoting the game’s questing system to better fit with its game design and reducing the difficulty of game’s encounters, admitting that “the pendulum swung a little too far.” Of course, new content is also promised to be coming in the future weeks and months, but right now the team wants to “heed the call of the players and react to how the game is experienced from their perspectives.”

The rest of the post recounts other updates made during last month including a GM-led Halloween event, a streamer marathon weekend, and new dungeon encounters in the form of the static Aquifier dungeon and dynamic Ember Vein dungeons.

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