Mortal Online 2 adds combining skill and gives pets a whole lotta love


PvP slaughterhouse Mortal Online 2 is coming off a busy week with not one, not three, but two patches containing several quality-of-life improvements.

The bigger of the two patches increased the draw distance of other characters, expanded hotbars, more point of interest locations, and a whole lot of pet love. There is also a new combining skill, which “allows you to combine certain items in order to create new ones from scratch” such as improved potions.

This was followed up by a smaller update that mainly allowed for pet stabling from a further distance and a “possible fix for players getting launched into the air on occasion by other characters.” There’s a story behind that last note.

This update marks the first “sprint” of five content updates before the title moves into its “epic release.” coming up on the roadmap is a beast mastery skill, a weather system, house trading, elementarism, a siege system, territory control, an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, and a thievery system.

Source: Steam
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